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q2:Dr John paul II and Dr. Wanga were the first man who came up with an organization and build up free medical health care and they brought many doctors who came from america and they were well trained how to treat people. They brought up an organization stop rape against girls.People in our community did not have money so when they got sick they just slept and waited and ended up dead. So Dr. Wanga & Dr.John i can stay they are the most important people that i will never forget because they brought medicine which is strong and heals faster.Amref built up toilets and they cleaned the community and even now you ccan walk on the road at night because their is lights and no theft again .So i can say Amref and msf has helped us.
Q5:brought, night, stop, rape, trained
Q9:1-2 years ago
Q37:Good idea that succeeded
Q39:Physical well-being
Q38:Specific problem
Q17: <<2011-05-01-BUNGOMA-S#058-P#01>>_
Q13:The right people
Q12:Saw it happen
Q19:Family and Friends,Physical Needs,Freedom
Q122:Under 16
Q134:Doctors Without Borders (Msf)