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q2:In December 2007, and early 2008 when clashes rocked Kenya following the post election violence there rose tension in my estate in Busia, as the state of security rose. No one dared moved out of the house. Everyone was watching the events on television. In my estate a concern rose among the vilage elders, sub chief and the chief on how to maintain peace and harmony in the estate. So they moved from one home to anotrher preaching peace. love and harmony among thr kikuyu, luyha, luo and other tribes. The tension was just correct thing to do at the strange feeling of hatred and discrimination was not much as all people embraced and regarded one another as a brother and a sister. From that step there still prevails the love peace and harmony in the esstate irrespective of territories.
Q5:rose, events, state, security, home
Q9:More than 2 years ago
Q37:Good idea that succeeded
Q39:Social relations
Q38:Specific solution
Q13:The right people
Q12:Was affected by what happened
Q19:Food and shelter,Security,Family and Friends