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When making inferences, it is important to have many perspectives. Running our story quality test will measure this using the diversity of story collectors, named organizations, locations, and the balance in story point of view and tone to estimate the collection's suitability for meta-analysis.
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  • Diverse points of view: 60/100 (100% when there is a good balance of points of view. Personal experiences carry more weight over organization perspectrives.
  • Balance in story tone: 71/100 (100% if collection has a balance of positive and negative perspectives)
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q2: World Vision helps me in the way that it gives me schoolastic materials that i use at school these materials have made me be equiped with all the notes and write them because they give me books, pens mathematiical sets during the time of exams Iper for well because read and understand the notes I write the books world vision gave me
Q40:Lasting change
Q3:Schoolastic materials
Q4:World Vision
Q9:More than 2 years ago
Q37:Good idea that succeeded
Q39:Social relations
Q13:The right people
Q12:Helped make it happen
Q122:Under 16
Q134:World Vision