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q2:Only few months ago, our girls in kibera had shortage of pads. They always used tissue during their monthly periods. Some of the used, tissues and even pieces of clothes. Jane the woman i knew very well, came up with a plan. She started supplying the pads to schools & villages. Sometimes she called for girls meeting in salvation army. Girls from different schools came and talked about their problems without fear. Our motto was girls speak out. Now they had organized every months they bring pads to our schools. Nower days, you will never hear a boy or see a boy laughing at a girl because their is blood in his uniform. We all free to talk about our problems to the people. I know her very much. And she always talk to us well. I thank mother Jane very much for what she has done in most girls lives. God bless her
Q40:It requires a continuous effort
Q9:2-6 months ago
Q37:Good idea that succeeded
Q39:Social relations
Q38:Broad need
Q13:The right people
Q12:Saw it happen
Q122:Under 16