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q2:One day my mother meet a girl. Whose name was Moreen ?Musau. This girl his parents had aready died. The girl had no one to live with. My mon whished that she would live with him. One day my mother wanted to speak with her breafly. My mother asked the girl if she will take her to school. The girl told my mother her aim is to go to school. After some time my mother prepared the girl. She took him to school. She was in Mothini Primary School. When my mother took the girl to school the girl could not explaine himself well. My mother began to explain this girl i meet her in the streets and she had many problems. The headteacher asked the girl where she came from. My mother came from meru. My father came from Nakuru. This mother asked me my parents name My parents name was Mueni Musau and Kimeu Musau. After this i went in class five in the year 2008. The first exam i was number one so we lived with this mum forever.
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