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q2:The sun sank slowly down the mua hills, sending its golden rays over ivert hills. The birds of the air were sing their lulling songs to new born eveing. I was walking on my lonely path it was on thrusday. I pass a short cut so that i could arrive at home early. As i was walking I heard someboby calling for help.! help! help! they will kill me. I hide myself in a big bush which was on the side of way. When they had my foot steps they all run to diffrent direction. I save that girl who was almost raped half dead I carried her to the main road. many people come and she was taken to hospital.
Q40:Lasting change
Q3:The day to remember
Q4:Mathendu mutua
Q9:1-2 years ago
Q37:Good idea that succeeded
Q39:Social relations
Q38:Specific problem
Q17:[HORIZON]Question 00 was not answered <<08-03-2012-MACHAKOS-s#014-p#01>>_
Q13:The right people
Q12:Was affected by what happened
Q19:Food and shelter,Knowledge,Respect
Q122:Under 16

q2:In our village that lived a man with a wife who was barren The man took her aunts child who was a girl and started living with her. The girl grow up but she was big but at standard one, because she started school late. She went to school up to standard three and the breast stated to grow on her body.She left school after being number one in term one and leave home. One day one boy cheated her and they went with him to his home for three days. The didn't have anything to eat with the girl and he return girl and afraid of going back home and remained there where his mother came and found him. They went with him to the hospital and test whether she had HIV/AIDS or the boy had made him pregnant. They found she had no aids and not pregnant they helped him with the family planing because they live in the land not their own and they are as poor as a church.
Q40:It requires a continuous effort
Q3:Not accepting cheating
Q5:return, term, back, live, poor
Q9:7-12 months ago
Q37:Good idea that succeeded
Q39:Social relations
Q38:Specific solution
Q12:Saw it happen
Q19:Food and shelter,Knowledge,Respect
Q122:Under 16