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q2:I am Canon kamau.I am by proffesion and further of two.Some year back this country experienced post poll violence that saw me getting displaced from my home and in the process my property getting destroyed.I went to internally displaced camps with my family whee life proved to be really hard.Gettting necessities like food clothes and other needs was really hard.However the european union organization was of great help to us.After the chaos had cooled they purchased new lands for us and helped us relocate there.I am really grateful for them since the things which looked upside down in my life.
Q3:post poll violence
Q4:european union
Q9:More than 2 years ago
Q12:Was affected by what happened
Q13:The right people
Q17: <<2011-06-03-KAKAMEGA-WEWASOF GROUP-S#231-P#01>>_
Q19:Food and shelter,Security,Family and Friends
Q37:Good idea that succeeded