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When making inferences, it is important to have many perspectives. Running our story quality test will measure this using the diversity of story collectors, named organizations, locations, and the balance in story point of view and tone to estimate the collection's suitability for meta-analysis.
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  • Diverse sources: 1/100 (highest when collection contains hundreds of stories with miniminal overlap among the storytellers, named organizations, and locations)
  • Completeness: 88/100 (100% when every storytellers answer every question)
  • Diverse points of view: 60/100 (100% when there is a good balance of points of view. Personal experiences carry more weight over organization perspectrives.
  • Balance in story tone: 42/100 (100% if collection has a balance of positive and negative perspectives)
    Your collection has a very negative tone.

q2:my story is about childlabour when i was living at kilimanjaro, i had a friend known by the name milan. milan was a young very good friend to me she liked spending time with me. but there were some problems with her aunt. milan lived with her aunt. milan was in class four she was eleven year old. her aunt her aunt did not let her go to school because of that we had a neighbour by the name mwanza. mwanzza was a good neighbour to us and he took the matter to the police and milan went back to school, she is now happy and she is doing her KCPE exam this year and am so happy for her.
Q3:child labour
Q5:four, back, year, class, child
Q12:Was affected by what happened
Q13:The right people
Q19:Security,Physical Needs,Creativity
Q37:Good idea that succeeded
Q39:Economic opportunity
Q122:Under 16

q2:Gitoko wanted more than anything else to became a lion trainer.At is he had already talked to a number of professional animal handlers and was convienced he could do it.He did this secretiy, for he knew that his father would never approve of his chosen career path.The old man retired teacher wanted the lad to folllow in his footsteps and became a teacher.But Gitoko had other ideas.Being a member of his schools.Wildlife club,he made sure never to miss a single trip or the various excussions his club organised into the wild with savings from his pocket money he bought a manual on lion training which he read and memorized like it was an examination set book.During one visit to the zoo Gitoko decided to put into pracice his newly acquired skill or the skill he thought he had acquired,As the game warden took the students through the traits of various animals,Gitoko continously grinned and nodded knowingly. He made a mental picture of the location of the lions den with the intention of sneaking back there.The warders were shocked the following morning to find in the den a tattered lion trainers manual and a terrified young school boy hanging dangerously on the fence from the lion. By the distructive boy
Q9:2-6 months ago
Q39:Physical well-being
Q122:Under 16