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q2:In east pokot the girls were undergoing circumcision and got married by force after FGM.Most of the girls were suffering for this early marriages. One lady who was learned ,visited TYSA organization and cried out about the challenges facing young girls in east pokot.The organization listened to her and gave her some advice.She went back and started a community based organization for the girls.She got supported by other CBO's and she succeeded. The purpose of that organization was to capacity build the community on dangers of female mutilation.Now some of the families are not allowing their young girls to get circumcised and early marriages
Q3:Early marriages
Q5:based organization, fgm, mutilation, young girls, circumcision
Q7:east pokot
Q9:1-2 years ago
Q12:Helped make it happen
Q13:The right people
Q19:Food and shelter,Knowledge,Fun
Q37:Good idea that succeeded
Q39:Social relations
Q40:It requires a continuous effort