342 stories matched problem and area and water

(Benchmarked against all stories we've ever collected)



How good is this collection? (69/100)
When making inferences, it is important to have many perspectives. Running our story quality test will measure this using the diversity of story collectors, named organizations, locations, and the balance in story point of view and tone to estimate the collection's suitability for meta-analysis.
Each component of the score is between 0 and 100, with 100 being the best and 0 being the worst.

  • Diverse sources: 100/100 (highest when collection contains hundreds of stories with miniminal overlap among the storytellers, named organizations, and locations)
  • Completeness: 94/100 (100% when every storytellers answer every question)
  • Diverse points of view: 0/100 (100% when there is a good balance of points of view. Personal experiences carry more weight over organization perspectrives.
  • Balance in story tone: 83/100 (100% if collection has a balance of positive and negative perspectives)
    Your collection has a negative tone.


The color of each icon tells you about the tone of stories.
Icon size increases/decreases when more/fewer of this demographic group have shared a story with the words you searched for compared to all stories collected on all topics.